American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Finale will crown a winner

So if you haven't been caught up with American Ninja Warrior this season, we saw a record number of 18 ninjas finish stage 2 in the national finals. With those numbers we can confirm we will crown a winner in the first time in four years.
You can watch it Monday night on NBC live on TV or through their website by signing in with your provider. So how do you follow what your favorite ninjas are up to? Well you may have seen many of them show up with their Instagram social media account during their run, and many also have their own YouTube channels as well. The show does mention American Ninja Warrior Nation at SB Nation as the official source of ninja news, but you can also find them on other social media like YouTube and Twitter.
There is also a ninja warrior podcast that goes over stories of the ninjas, and it is great to get inside the minds of these great athletes. The first podcast is a fascinating interview with Nicholas Coolridge. A recent podcast also interviewed …

Fly high

Birds fly in every direction Don't let limiting beliefs from others stop you from flying in your direction There are broke people spending all their money that are afraid you are saving and investing too high There are uneducated people who think we can't learn topics like technology or money for ourselves and need to pay experts as the only way There are obese people that don't want to think too much about the food that enters our bodies, and worry we'll injure ourselves practicing sports like ninja obstacles Don't be afraid to fly Fly high Imagine Dragons - Birds (Animated Video)

NinjaDay and My Four Year Ninjaversary

So four years ago in late June was the first time I was introduced to the TV show American Ninja Warrior. My cousin Ryan showed me a video of Kacy Catanzaro who was the first woman to complete a city finals course at the Dallas City Finals in 2014. He said a new ninja gym just recently opened up where he was in Philadelphia. A few months later I found out one did exist in Miami, and I started training for 30 days for a friend's birthday party before we tried out the course there.
Over these 4 years I've had a lot of great experiences. I was able to pass many of the obstacles the same day I tried them out, so in 2016 I submitted my first video. Later that year I competed in my first local competition and did well on the first stage, but fell early during the second stage.
In 2017 I received a call from casting after I highlighted ninja training had helped me overcome health problems like a collapsed lung in my video, but I didn't get THE call. I was still able become more inv…

Obstacle Onslaught 3 Experience

My first local competition was in 2016 with the Obstacle Onslaught in Miami. This year saw the 3rd competition, and I saw just how much the ninja gym has grown since then.
There was as separate parkour section that opened up, and ninjas competed for time as we went through the obstacles. They also combined both kid and adult competitions together in the same day, so we were able to see just how great some of the kids are (including some that made it to the show "American Ninja Warrior Jr."
After taking a break so the kids could finish, the 2nd stage we had a break went back to the main ninja obstacle course, and definitely added upper-body challenge as we went through the course. I couldn't stay for the end, but I wasn't surprised when I found my friend Ronald had dominated yet again, and is currently tied for #1 ninja in the Florida Ninja League. If you are following the show, he also made it to the Atlanta city finals along with other fellow ninjas, so we're looki…

Florida Competition 305 Ninja Showdown

For this year at a local South Florida fitness expo we saw a serious upgrade for the obstacle course! And not to discount last year's since it is an impressive mobile course that continues to get upgraded.
Unfortunately that same day was a graduation party and I ate a ridiculous amount of sushi. I still gathered my strength and was able to test the course before the athletes competed.
The event served as both a UNAA and FNL qualifier – two ninja leagues Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association and Florida Ninja League.
Ronald dominated and finished 1st.Drew came in second and Diego came third out of all 10. Ronald only started 4 years ago, and although he didn't get the chance to compete as a walk-on last year, he came this year strong and made it to the city finals.
You can check out the pictures at our Instagram page
I didn't take any video this time, but expect more YouTube video coming soon.

Pineapple Ninja Warrior Movie Trailer

So to be on the popular TV show you have to stand out among thousands of applicants, and to have a great story put together in a video of less than 3 minutes. Out of 3 submissions I did receive a call to hear more about my collapsed lung. I've always been skinny fat as a kid, playing lots of video games and eating pizza. But I didn't have enough of a story to get THE call that fellow ninjas await for every year.
This past year our family visited the Grand Canyon, so I didn't even get to cheer on my fellow ninjas live. Instead I got to cheer them on at a watch party (in case you weren't aware yet, yes they tape everything weeks before it actually airs on TV). Part of the contract is to stay secretive before the show airs, so that is why you won't see many submission videos prior to the show coming out.
Most of you have probably not seen my 3 videos, and I'll admit the clips are very similar year-to-year. However, I did have a unique opportunity recen…

Welcome to Ninja For Life

In the past I had seen obstacle contests that seemed mostly like a bad joke. Then came Sasuske, which came to the US as American Ninja Warrior.
My cousin Ryan showed me a video of Kacy Catanzaro making it to the finals, and I was hooked. Not too long afterwards our friends May and Rueben threw their birthday party at a local ninja gym in Miami. I trained for 30 days and was able to do many of the obstacles, but I knew I had a long way to go.

Diet and exercise (Physical Wellness) is just one aspect of wellness, and until you find enough motivation you'll continue to slack. Once you are committed though, you'll do what it takes to master it. In my case after discovering my motivation of challenging myself by training for ninja warrior obstacle competitions, I found that mastery through a book recommendation from a fit friend. Bigger Leaner Stronger for men (Thinner Leaner Stronger for women) by Mike Matthews:

You can listen on Audible, and the eBook or physical book help…