Our next journey SMART Ride

Our next journey begins! My daughter & I are participating in The SMART Ride Biking 165 miles over two days From Miami to Key West We're raising money for AIDS Service Organizations You can help us support this great cause and donate at See you at the finish!

Health Tech Watch VR

  In the past, health & technology didn't always mesh very well. Now luckily they are coming together to help us stay healthy.   When you got a routine that works, it's great. However, there are always going to be days where it is hard to stay motivated. Luckily, making it a fun game to compete can keep us moving, specifically with the following two:   VR - games like Beat Saber on Meta/Oculus Quest VR can really get you moving. And since I have family & friends that have it, we can compete with each other as well. You can read more about it at Watch - I was hesitant to wearing a watch again. Then my health insurance plan had a program where I could earn an Apple Watch for close to free, so I gave it a shot. I'm really enjoying it specifically for: Friendly competition - you can add others that have the watch, so I've added family & friends so we can compete with each other. The w

Memorial Day Murph Challenge

So if you haven't already noticed, I'm big in setting fun challenges for myself. Not to say the Murph Challenge is exactly fun, but it does feel good achieving something challenging like that. And it is not complicated, just do: 1 mile run 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 squats then finish with another 1 mile run Oh and one more thing, do all of that while wearing a 20-lb vest. It's been a while since I've really trained after finishing a course & cruise, but I know I can do it. And with 30 days before Memorial Day gets here, it is a perfect time to start right away. What goals have you set to achieve this year? Let us know @NinjaForLifeHQ

Disc Life Greatness

TL;DR challenging myself with disc golf & other fun Well it has been a while, but I wanted to note what I've been up to this year. Routines for me have helped tremendously, especially ones I look forward to like exercising with friends on weekend mornings. We had been running at nearby parks, but after some injuries we decided to try out disc golf & loved it. The kids may not have gotten into it as much, but luckily we've found other fun together like biking & dog walks. Besides that regularly exercising & pushing myself with challenges has helped, especially when friends get in on the fun - thanks guys for that 75 Hard & 100 pushup challenge! In disc golf I've improved enough to score an under par (-1) at two of the parks that we regularly play for my best scores ever. Even at the recreational level, I would have expected a solid year before this would have happened. I believe much of this has to do with programming my mental state, doing other activiti

Healthy Sweet Lemonade Limeade Recipe

Years ago I was clueless when it came to staying in shape. Luckily I've had time to learn a lot over the years with some motivation & knowledge from books like: Bigger Leaner Stronger for men (Thinner Leaner Stronger for women) by Mike Matthews . You can listen on Audible , and the eBook or physical book helps to visualize the movements. So when COVID-19 happened I was prepared to stay healthy through the year. In February I had just finished my fastest 5K race ever, & also had trained myself to complete the Murph Challenge on Veteran's Day. Staying at home meant more time to experiment, even with drinks such as a Mixology class that I took. I try to simplify my household & use what I already have. My superpower is using it up before expiration at all costs. We had a Ninja blender that was gifted a while back, & I knew we had to try it out. I've always had a sweet tooth, & I always pictured myself starting a lemonade stand business at a kid. I got to ex

Healthy Recipes Coming Soon

As usual, when I get into something I get obsessive over it. A few years back in competitions I tracked every ounce of food I ate & focused on making something healthy & easy to make. However, the family prefers taste & appearance so I've learned to pay attention to that more in my experiments with food. In the coming months I wanted to share the best of what I've learned to enjoy food while staying in shape, including a series of recipes with ingredients that you likely already have. Stay tuned. What are your favorite foods & ways to stay in shape? Let us know in the comments

Three Secrets to Achieve Goals

So what is the secret with achieving goals? Maybe you've reached some, but if you are like many you make big goals & then give up when it gets out of reach.   In my younger years I struggled for years with keeping consistent with exercise. Then the TV show Ninja Warrior came along where I trained for 30 days & completed most of the obstacles. The same thing happened with my financial life - for years I lived in fear of picking the wrong investments, but now with the power of FIRE I'm on track to reach financial freedom in 7 years so my daughters can model the behavior. Let's look at what works: Fun - Make it a game with rewards along the way. I love trying new craft beer, so for me that is a great incentive along the way to keep me motivated. I also love competition, so   challenging others can also help. Strong Desire - Having a powerful purpose drives our passion. Having a WHY is critical - the 80% vs. the how 20%. We need