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Health Tech Watch VR

  In the past, health & technology didn't always mesh very well. Now luckily they are coming together to help us stay healthy.   When you got a routine that works, it's great. However, there are always going to be days where it is hard to stay motivated. Luckily, making it a fun game to compete can keep us moving, specifically with the following two:   VR - games like Beat Saber on Meta/Oculus Quest VR can really get you moving. And since I have family & friends that have it, we can compete with each other as well. You can read more about it at Watch - I was hesitant to wearing a watch again. Then my health insurance plan had a program where I could earn an Apple Watch for close to free, so I gave it a shot. I'm really enjoying it specifically for: Friendly competition - you can add others that have the watch, so I've added family & friends so we can compete with each other. The w