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Healthy Sweet Lemonade Limeade Recipe

Years ago I was clueless when it came to staying in shape. Luckily I've had time to learn a lot over the years with some motivation & knowledge from books like: Bigger Leaner Stronger for men (Thinner Leaner Stronger for women) by Mike Matthews . You can listen on Audible , and the eBook or physical book helps to visualize the movements. So when COVID-19 happened I was prepared to stay healthy through the year. In February I had just finished my fastest 5K race ever, & also had trained myself to complete the Murph Challenge on Veteran's Day. Staying at home meant more time to experiment, even with drinks such as a Mixology class that I took. I try to simplify my household & use what I already have. My superpower is using it up before expiration at all costs. We had a Ninja blender that was gifted a while back, & I knew we had to try it out. I've always had a sweet tooth, & I always pictured myself starting a lemonade stand business at a kid. I got to ex