Hi I'm James, and welcome to Ninja For Life! I've always loved climbing and challenges. Traditional team sports not so much, although soccer is high up there. 

As a teenager I played excessive hours of video games. I once reached the top 10 in the Quake 2 CTF (capture the flag) leaderboards. My gamer tag was "Rocketman," and I fragged my share with the rocket launcher – although grappling across with the flag and shooting those that got in my way with the rail gun was probably my main strategy. 

Obstacle competitions like ninja warrior motivated me to change my life for the better. I developed health issues and even had a collapsed lung 3 years prior, but it wasn't until I started training that I finally decided to get my diet straightened out. It kept me motivated as a I pursued a path of wellness. Along the way I found enjoyment with my family as I grew stronger, and not just physically. Mentally I knew I could take on other obstacles that came in my path (see DestroyObstacles on keeping the mental game strong, and other sites below). 

As a community we'll help each other reach the top and enjoy it along the way – everyone from just fans who want to see what happens behind-the-scenes, to the ninjas that have reached the top and want to share their passion with others. 

I am a Ninja For Life – are you? If so join us using the Facebook group link below, and we can enjoy the journey to the top. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ninja-For-Life-454550535114004/groups/ 

DigitalBeyond.com – Master Business Technology - From Dreams to Reality
NextLevelFI.com – Financial Independence – Save Money, Build Wealth, Design Your Life
DestroyObstacles.com – DO Anything – Motivation, Life Coaching, Fitness, OCR, Quotes
GamerWarrior.com – Gaming, American Ninja Warrior


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