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Survive COVID-19 Stay Home Virtual Visit

My Doctor wife has been handling the influx of telemedicine patients today with Coronavirus symptoms & basically urging most of them to  (see my earlier post for more on that).   The health care system in our area is currently offering free virtual visits at There are also many other resources being shared within the community while we fight through this.   Quarantine won't stop me running & exercise from home though, so our greatness never stops 🙂  

Stay The F Home Best of Social Media COVID-19 Tips

Well best we can do for the Coronavirus now is help prepare & educate our loved ones, especially with useful memes for those on social media who may still be in denial. # WashYourHands   I look forward to encouraging others to take this challenge if you haven't already...  🙂  Gloria Gaynor #WashYourHands    #IWillSurviveChallenge on TikTok  via @YouTube   # FlattenTheCurve   Let's flatten the curve of the impending COVID19 outbreak in the U.S.   Other good hashtags #CancelEverythingNow #SocialDistance   # StayTheFuckHome   Finally the winner for not just social media but also an online movement is .  This website references the information coming from reputable sites like CDC/WHO.   To summarize above:   Why is this a huge thing   Half will get it if we don't self-quarantine immediately (Harvard)   1% hospitalized, doubling rate beds full by

Prepare for COVID-19

I'm sure the Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic is on everyone's minds, & having a spouse working in the frontlines of the medical field helps me sort through the good/bad info. is a good fact checker, & check out the CDC safety tips such as practicing good hygiene, cancelling non-essential travel, & avoiding large crowds on the PDF linked at ‬ Additional info from reputable sources: World Health Organization Information is beautiful charts (uses sources such as CDC/WHO) Flatten the curve I hope all my colleagues, family, & friends are taking the appropriate measures to stay safe & stock up on suppli