Stay The F Home Best of Social Media COVID-19 Tips

Well best we can do for the Coronavirus now is help prepare & educate our loved ones, especially with useful memes for those on social media who may still be in denial.

I look forward to encouraging others to take this challenge if you haven't already... 🙂 Gloria Gaynor #WashYourHands 
 #IWillSurviveChallenge on TikTok via @YouTube 


Other good hashtags #CancelEverythingNow #SocialDistance 

Finally the winner for not just social media but also an online movement is  This website references the information coming from reputable sites like CDC/WHO. 

To summarize above: 

Why is this a huge thing 
  1. Half will get it if we don't self-quarantine immediately (Harvard) 
  2. 1% hospitalized, doubling rate beds full by May, pick who lives & dies 
  3. Can't stop it but reduce the impact 

What you should do 
  1. Social distancing / quarantine / cancel all non-essential in-person meetings 
  2. Wash hands 
  3. Check for updates CDC/WHO & share with loved ones 


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