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 In the past, health & technology didn't always mesh very well. Now luckily they are coming together to help us stay healthy.


When you got a routine that works, it's great. However, there are always going to be days where it is hard to stay motivated. Luckily, making it a fun game to compete can keep us moving, specifically with the following two:


  • Watch - I was hesitant to wearing a watch again. Then my health insurance plan had a program where I could earn an Apple Watch for close to free, so I gave it a shot. I'm really enjoying it specifically for:

    Friendly competition - you can add others that have the watch, so I've added family & friends so we can compete with each other. The watch uses rings to measure 3 areas - activity/steps, time standing, & time spent working out.

    Tracking - it is great for all sorts of activities/workouts, like running, biking, & even helping to count pool laps.

    Sleep - you can also use it with sleep tracking apps, which is helpful to stay on top of whether you are sleeping enough

    Tied less to a phone - and the best part is not needing to have my phone on me all the time. I can quickly see & respond to incoming texts, check what's next on my calendar, the weather, download music to play on it, & it has apps that will even help me track my disc golf games.

    You can check out the Apple Watch at


What's your favorite technology or tool for staying healthy? Let us know @NinjaForLifeHQ


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