Florida Competition 305 Ninja Showdown

For this year at a local South Florida fitness expo we saw a serious upgrade for the obstacle course! And not to discount last year's since it is an impressive mobile course that continues to get upgraded. 

Unfortunately that same day was a graduation party and I ate a ridiculous amount of sushi. I still gathered my strength and was able to test the course before the athletes competed. 

The event served as both a UNAA and FNL qualifier – two ninja leagues Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association and Florida Ninja League. 

Ronald dominated and finished 1st. Drew came in second and Diego came third out of all 10. Ronald only started 4 years ago, and although he didn't get the chance to compete as a walk-on last year, he came this year strong and made it to the city finals. 

You can check out the pictures at our Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/ninjaforlifehq/  

I didn't take any video this time, but expect more YouTube video coming soon.


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