Pineapple Ninja Warrior Movie Trailer

So to be on the popular TV show you have to stand out among thousands of applicants, and to have a great story put together in a video of less than 3 minutes. Out of 3 submissions I did receive a call to hear more about my collapsed lung. I've always been skinny fat as a kid, playing lots of video games and eating pizza. But I didn't have enough of a story to get THE call that fellow ninjas await for every year. 

This past year our family visited the Grand Canyon, so I didn't even get to cheer on my fellow ninjas live. Instead I got to cheer them on at a watch party (in case you weren't aware yet, yes they tape everything weeks before it actually airs on TV). Part of the contract is to stay secretive before the show airs, so that is why you won't see many submission videos prior to the show coming out. 

Most of you have probably not seen my 3 videos, and I'll admit the clips are very similar year-to-year. However, I did have a unique opportunity recently to showcase my ninja training by submitting a quick talent video at work. I must admit the movie trailer template worked out well for the limited time I spent on it. Check it out on our YouTube channel Ninja For Life


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