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In the past I had seen obstacle contests that seemed mostly like a bad joke. Then came Sasuske, which came to the US as American Ninja Warrior. 

My cousin Ryan showed me a video of Kacy Catanzaro making it to the finals, and I was hooked. Not too long afterwards our friends May and Rueben threw their birthday party at a local ninja gym in Miami. I trained for 30 days and was able to do many of the obstacles, but I knew I had a long way to go. 

Diet and exercise (Physical Wellness) is just one aspect of wellness, and until you find enough motivation you'll continue to slack. Once you are committed though, you'll do what it takes to master it. In my case after discovering my motivation of challenging myself by training for ninja warrior obstacle competitions, I found that mastery through a book recommendation from a fit friend. Bigger Leaner Stronger for men (Thinner Leaner Stronger for women) by Mike Matthews:

You can listen on Audible, and the eBook or physical book helps to visualize the movements.

My first local competition was at that same ninja gym, hosted by Daniel Lopez who now owns his own gym. I have met a lot of great ninjas along the way - Lucas, Julio, Calle, Joseph, and Ronald. 
You'll hear many amazing stories, and we are very supportive with each other.   
As a community we can help each other reach the top and enjoy it along the way – everyone from just fans who want to see what happens behind-the-scenes, to the ninjas that have reached the top and want to share their passion with others. 

So where does someone who wants to train start? On the official fan site can see some stuff. Other sites old. We'll start with the basics like finding a ninja gym to train, and use our resources – other ninjas to support and challenge each other.  

I am a Ninja For Life – are you? If so join us using the Facebook group link below, and we can enjoy the journey to the top. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ninja-For-Life-454550535114004/groups/ 


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