Obstacle Onslaught 3 Experience

My first local competition was in 2016 with the Obstacle Onslaught in Miami. This year saw the 3rd competition, and I saw just how much the ninja gym has grown since then. 

There was as separate parkour section that opened up, and ninjas competed for time as we went through the obstacles. They also combined both kid and adult competitions together in the same day, so we were able to see just how great some of the kids are (including some that made it to the show "American Ninja Warrior Jr." 

After taking a break so the kids could finish, the 2nd stage we had a break went back to the main ninja obstacle course, and definitely added upper-body challenge as we went through the course. 
I couldn't stay for the end, but I wasn't surprised when I found my friend Ronald had dominated yet again, and is currently tied for #1 ninja in the Florida Ninja League. If you are following the show, he also made it to the Atlanta city finals along with other fellow ninjas, so we're looking forward to catching them on this week's upcoming show. 

You can check out the pictures at our Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/ninjaforlifehq/  

I do have some video, so expect that on our YouTube channel coming soon. 


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