American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Finale will crown a winner

So if you haven't been caught up with American Ninja Warrior this season, we saw a record number of 18 ninjas finish stage 2 in the national finals. With those numbers we can confirm we will crown a winner in the first time in four years. 

You can watch it Monday night on NBC live on TV or through their website by signing in with your provider. So how do you follow what your favorite ninjas are up to? Well you may have seen many of them show up with their Instagram social media account during their run, and many also have their own YouTube channels as well. The show does mention American Ninja Warrior Nation at SB Nation as the official source of ninja news, but you can also find them on other social media like YouTube and Twitter. 

There is also a ninja warrior podcast that goes over stories of the ninjas, and it is great to get inside the minds of these great athletes. The first podcast is a fascinating interview with Nicholas Coolridge. A recent podcast also interviewed a fellow Florida ninja RJ Roman, who is also one of the 18 that we'll see this Monday competing against others greats like Drew Drechsel and Daniel Gil. 

We've also confirmed that the will renew for Season 12 next year. For those of you brave enough to try out for ninja warrior, you can find the casting link below and more tips to come. 

So who will win the million dollar prize this year? Let us know on Instagram @NinjaForLife


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